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Metal Production

Anderman Industrial Ceramics specialise in all aspects of the supply of ceramic and refractory products for metal production. Our products are used throughout the metal production process chain wherever heat or wear is involved from the initial refining to the finished article.

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Metal Production and Steel ManufacturingWe supply products worldwide in most applications including superalloys, iron and steel, non-ferrous, precious metals and powder metallurgy industries.

Metal melting (alloy mixing formulation) at high temperatures up to 1800 C is the primary stage of the process. Anderman Industrial Ceramics supply a range of products for use in metal melting furnaces with product formulations to suit the metal type being melted. These products include furnace linings, crucibles, nozzle and gate systems and temperature monitoring. Melting furnaces can be either vacuum or controlled air environment.

Following the melting process molten metal needs to be transferred from the furnace to the next process stage. This can be ingot production or directly into a secondary refining stage whilst still molten. At high temperatures this is a complex and potentially dangerous process. We supply a range of products including distribution boxes, launders, tundishes, crucibles, filters, funnels, casting blocks, to enable this process to be undertaken.

Secondary processing of alloy often involves a further molten metal refining process to prepare for casting, forging, or other processes to produce finished parts either in vacuum or controlled air conditions. In this specialised area Anderman Industrial Ceramics supply a range of ceramic and refractory products including crucibles, atomising nozzles, filters, tundishes, pour cups.

Anderman Industrial ceramics also supply a wide range of ceramic components for temperature measurement and heat treatment relative to the processing and also finishing of metal products.

Through our wide ranging and diverse manufacturing partners worldwide Anderman has become a key supplier to all sectors of the metal production industry. Our capacity runs from prototype parts to large scale production runs of many thousands of tons.

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