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About Us

Anderman Industrial Ceramics (est. 1947), headquartered in UK, has positioned itself to meet the demands of all challenges that the modern ceramics industry is facing. With key traditional markets in special metals melting, heat treatment processes, heavy industry and electrical insulation the company has diversified into new markets including petrochemical, glass and alternative energy production. The strategic objective of the company is to provide existing and potential customers with a business portal to help them develop a strong supply line for industrial ceramics. The focus ranges from prototype development to full scale production and logistics services.

The USP of Anderman Industrial Ceramics is based upon our desire to support industries whose core business expertise is not in the field of industrial ceramics and refractories. By offering this type of support to prospective customers, the company has been able to grow by 15-20% in recent years as it assists customers in developing and growing their business efficiencies. In Asia, ceramics manufacturing is strong and still developing at pace. The need for modern industry in Western Europe and Americas to embrace this is all too apparent. Dealing with Asian manufacturers is complex, especially when relating to ceramic materials that may not be core to the customer’s business. The model that has been developed by Anderman, and forms the integral part of future growth, is to bridge this cultural, language and logistics divide for all its current and prospective business partners.

As a company established for over 70 years Anderman Industrial Ceramics has considerable experience in the procurement and delivery of industrial ceramics and refractories. The business operates an advanced service internet platform ( to link customer needs to a multitude of specialist, high quality, ceramic manufacturers. Operating on a global basis the company supplies advanced ceramics and refractories to over 1000 customers with key blue-chip accounts in aerospace, power generation, automotive, glass and many other industrial sectors. Current business turnover is $8m annually.

To greater support our diversified customer network the company has opened offices/warehouses in USA, France, China, SE Asia. A network of inspection teams and manufacturers has also been established in key geographical centres of India and China.

Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for business operations in UK and USA locations.

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