Experts in developing and distributing industrial ceramics and refractories

We are specialists in technical and industrial ceramics e.g. alumina crucibles and tubes, advanced refractories and abrasives. We are here to help your operation be more productive and efficient, thanks to our expertise and world-class service. Click on your sector below. See how we will help you to improve throughput and product quality, cutting downtime and energy costs.     Read More

ISO 9001:2015 awardISO 9001

Anderman and Company Ltd UK, and its subsidiary in USA Anderman Ceramics Inc, was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification on 18th December 2020. This certification covers all business conducted from our UK and USA offices.
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Broad expertise

For more than 70 years we have helped companies from these sectors to be more efficient and productive. We offer more choice because we have built up a global network of specialist manufacturing partners.  We trust them to deliver the quality industrial ceramics products you need – from molten metal flow control and custom-made parts and components, to furnace linings, alumina crucibles and tubes also available in other materials.

Each of our partners has their own material and manufacturing technologies. This means we can consider a variety of options, even when your problem seems insurmountable. If the current market cannot give you a solution, we will call on the R&D capabilities of our manufacturing partners to develop one for you.

With our in-depth knowledge of processes and industrial ceramics materials – alumina to zirconia, and every compound in between – we will help you solve the challenges you face.   Perhaps you are tackling supply shortages or rising energy costs.  Or downtime caused by contamination, corrosion, wear or a material choice that is not up to the task.

Whatever it is, contact us now.  We will help.  

Deep Commitment

When you operate in the rigorous and highly regulated world of aerospace, automotive, power generation or glass, you need us to attend to the details. That is why our directors and technical advisers have flown several millions of air miles to meet with you face to face. We work best when we have a detailed understanding of your operation. And we back that up with round-the-clock support from our global sales offices for all our industrial ceramics products and services.

This dedication comes from our CEO, Dr John Verrier.  His commitment to quality and cost control stems from his very first project working with GEC, now Rolls-Royce.  He recently relocated to central Asia, to have better access to our partners in the East.  He will make sure your interests are always represented, at every level. 

That is how serious we are about delivering high quality industrial ceramics products that increase your productivity and efficiency.

Contact us today.  See how our expertise gives you a competitive edge.

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