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Ceramic launders and tundish products

Ceramic Launders

Anderman Industrial Ceramics are suppliers of refractory grade ceramic launders and tundishes. These are delivered to many industry sectors, most notably in the field of superalloy melting and investment casting at high temperatures > 1600 C.

Refractory tundish and launder parts can be manufactured either single piece, or multiple jointed sections, to enable controlled flow of molten metals during the casting process. Sizes can range from very small to many metres in length/diameter/depth.

Our tundish and launder products can also be supplied pre-fitted with reticulated foam filters and flow control dams and flow control nozzles if required. Alternatively these products can be supplied as added accessories.

Anderman has installed  precision manufacturing technology. This provides capability for very tight controlled tolerance dimensions where required. Additionally the advanced manufacturing process provides a fine, controlled, surface finish that is necessary in the high value applications in which the products are used.

Our experience in the supply of ceramic tundishes and launders to a multitude of industry sectors provides us with extensive research and empirical data. Key to this is the benefits of our product to produce a reduction in re-work needed, and scrap yields, as a result of unwanted refractory finding its way into the finished cast product.

Our experienced technical engineering team are able to assist in the development and amendment of existing designs, whether the objective be a cost down exercise or the desire to achieve improved flow rates.

Historically, these launder and tundish parts are manufactured in grades of 55% alumina up to 96% alumina, all dependent on customer requirement. Our technology lends itself to enable consistent, quality finished products, whichever the selected grade.

Our many years of supply management experience provides the know how in packing and shipping, to ensure container, either part or full delivery, arrives at the required destination irrespective of where ever you’re situated in the World.

Key Benefits of Our Supply Proposal

  • Small and large scale system design
  • Simple and complex parts , with exacting dimensional control
  • Exceptional surface finish to reduce material pick up and cleaner metal product
  • Global supply chain management experience
  • Filter and degassing possibilities

Standard materials

Alumina (various grades)

See materials menu above for detail