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Industrial and technical ceramics help and advice page

We are able to offer technical and design support for industrial and technical ceramics products in alumina and a wide range of other ceramic materials.

Our help page can provide assistance to help you obtain the best product for your needs.

As we are in partnership with many of the leading ceramic manufacturers, we are able to offer you the ceramic you need, not a solution tailor made to one factories production capabilities. We will try our utmost to give you the best service we can for all your standard and custom technical ceramics needs.

Materials selection

Structured questionnaire

Use our to structured guide to help you in asking the right questions for your need.

Click for Materials page

Explore our materials web page for a listing of the most widely used materials that we are able to offer.


  • Our team of engineers have vast experience in designing with most ceramic materials.
  • Send us an outline of what you want by Fax on +44 208 549 1617 or in USA on toll free 866 817 7410
  • Or just send us an email on


We supply a large range of products for many applications including steel, aerospace, power, heat treatment, temperature measurement. Click the Products button above to see our range.

Or send us a picture or a drawing in confidence of what you want to

Sourcing & supply MGT

  • We work with many companies to identify new sources of supply for existing products and new developments.
  • We manage supply for the life cycle of the product.
  • Consignment stocking is provided either at our premises or those of the client.
  • Worldwide network of warehouses to ensure just in time delivery.
  • We supply prototype quantities (as little as 1) to full scale production of millions.
  • Tell us what you want and we will give you an answer…..

Technical Advice

  • Even if we cannot supply you what you need, we are here to advise on ceramic materials and their applications.
  • If we do not know the answer, we will know someone who does
  • Our materials page coverage is very broad.