Refractory crucible products e.g. metal casting supplies and zirconia and alumina crucibles

Refractory crucible and metal casting supplies

Anderman currently supply a range of High Alumina and Zirconia refractory crucibles.

  • Isostatically pressed Mgo stabilised Zirconia crucibles
  • Alumina/Zirconia composite refractory crucibles
  • High Alumina refractory crucibles (Up to 97% Alumina)

We also deliver a range of other refractory metal casting supplies such as pouring cups and filters. Typically these refractory crucibles and metal casting supplies are used in vacuum melting operations but many are also used in Air melting foundries.

Applications include:

  • Special steels (Inconel and stainless)
  • Nickel and cobalt based superalloys (Air and vacuum melting)
  • Precious metals

We have a wide range of standard sizes and shapes available and can manufacture custom sizes or crucibles with additional formed features.

Zirconia crucible products

  • Formed by isostatically pressing
  • Several standard compositions to suit the requirement
  • 15 standard sizes
  • Capacity range (Brim full) from 250 cm3 to 8,950 cm3
  • Round and semi flat base shapes
  • Custom shapes possible
  • Competitive prices
  • High quality materials for hightech use
  • Low cost materials for industrial use


Alumina crucible products*

  • Special forming process to give improved thermal shock performance
  • Smooth surfaces to help prevent erosion from the melt
  • Free from voids
  • Currently 47 standard sizes available
  • Capacity range (Brim full) from 300 cm3 to 70,000 cm3
  • Capacity range (Nominal steel) from 2.3Kg to 450Kg.
  • Many specialist compositions available to suit the requirements

* Our forming process allows for many complex shapes to be formed with a high degree of accuracy so systems that require flow control, nozzles or precision launders are also possible

We are also able to supply Ceramic casting filters, stopper rods, thermocouple sheaths, Mica and ceramic papers.

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