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Welcome to, the internet trading platform for Anderman Industrial Ceramics. is a technical and industrial ceramics on-line service for all your technical ceramics needs e.g. alumina tubes, crucibles in various material compositions, rods in alumina, zirconia and mullite, mullite tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, insulators in alumina, zirconia and mulllite, quartz tubes and rods. We are also able to manufacture a high quality range of quartz crucibles for labware purposes. Our extensive range of industrial ceramic materials include, zirconia, alumina, mullite, corundum, steatite, quartz and a range of high performance silicon carbide products made in nitride bonded, clay bonded, reaction bonded and recrystallised forms. Anderman Ceramics also provides a range of high quality machined technical ceramics and complex industrial refractory shaped products in a range of advanced ceramic materials to suit the application.

We have local sales offices and distribution warehousing in the USA, UK and France with newly opened sales commercial offices in Japan and China. The company can provide high quality products from stock with next day delivery for over 80% of our customers.

This is supported with dedicated customer service teams to provide both commercial and technical support according to customer needs.

Our Technical Ceramics are used in an increasing number of advanced industrial and research applications for their material properties that provide excellent performance where extreme instances of high temperature, corrosion, abrasion and electrical insulation are encountered. Technical Ceramics can also offer an advantage when plastic or metal parts reach their physical limits.

Ceramic coatings and Cements

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Anderman Ceramics also offers a range of ceramic adhesive cements, refractory coatings and high performance corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistant coatings. Our refractory coatings are of great benefit to the industries where corrosion and abrasion is a severe problem for refractories. These coatings and cements are specially designed to be used where extremely high temperature resistance is needed and can be applied to a large range of materials and components, used in many different industries.

Anderman Ceramics BRING THEIR EXPERTISE TO TWO KEY EVENTS GLASSTEC 2018 in Germany and Investment casting Institute EVENT in the USA

Click here to see details of where you can meet us at these two events ICI 22/23 October Glasstec 24/25/26 October


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