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Float and container glass and advanced refractories

Float and container glass and advanced refractories

Advanced refractories that extend campaign life and give you the edge

We work with glass manufacturers and the specialist contractors who reline their furnaces with advanced refractories.  Established in 1947, we have extensive knowledge of the refractory products you need to lengthen the life of your furnaces without compromising on quality.

As a glass manufacturer, this means you will improve the productivity and efficiency of your operation, because your downtime will decrease.  As a contractor, we will give you a competitive edge.  You will be able to offer customers quality refractories that resist corrosion better and come with longer warranties.

Over the decades we have established long-term relationships with a number of specialist partners. In your sector our manufacturers have been producing refractories for float and container glass for more than fifty years. Together we have:

  • the capacity to deliver in the volumes and timescales you need
  • technical expertise to help with installation and maintenance
  • on site assistance when you need it

Our products include

Improve your productivity with our Anti-Nepheline Shield

We know that the cost of downtime far outweighs the cost of the refractory products themselves.  Let us work with you to find the refractory material that offers you long-term, whole life value by reducing the need to halt production.

Our anti-nepheline shield for float glass is an example. This super refractory has taken hundreds of hours to develop and the results are exciting. It has all the properties you expect in an advanced refractory:

  • thermal shock resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • controlled expansion behaviour.

It also withstands the corrosive effects of Nepheline, reducing damage to the tin bath roof and increasing the life expectancy of the refractory lining. 

Benefit to you: reduced downtime, increased productivity and high quality glass at the end. 

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