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Metal production and Steel Manufacturing

Advanced refractories and other ceramics in the steel manufacturing process

Improve your efficiency, with advanced refractories that last longer

When your plant has a daily throughput worth millions, you need to cut downtime wherever possible.  

You want reliable supplies of high quality refractories in steel manufacturing that give you a longer campaign life or reduced scrap yields.  You don’t want to stop an operation because a ceramic lining must be replaced earlier than expected. We understand that the cost of that is huge in terms of lost production in the steel manufacturing process – much bigger than the refractory’s original price tag.

For more than 70 years we have worked alongside our customers to reduce those costs and improve efficiency and throughput. During that time we have built up a global network of trusted manufacturing partners. This means we can:

  • explore new options when manufacturing technologies develop
  • produce refractories in the volumes you need, when you need them.

We have fast access to and close relationships with manufacturing suppliers and with our team of technical advisers we can also develop and procure refractories that:

  • resist corrosion and contamination for longer
  • need replacing or reconditioning less frequently
  • improve throughput and maintain the quality of your end product.

Our products include

Magnesia carbon bricks, for blast furnaces, converters, electric arc furnaces (EAF); magnesia chrome bricks and alumina refractory bricks.

With decades of hands-on experience, our engineering team will advise on installation and maintenance. Your refractories will perform efficiently the moment they are in place.  This film sums up how our breadth of expertise will make your operation more productive.

Missed deadlines are costly

To make sure your operation continues to run smoothly, we have systems in place to monitor every manufacturing partner we work with.  We focus on three areas: delays, logistics and quality. With transit times we check the duration of every shipment against the original quote, to make sure we meet your delivery times.

Let our teams help your plant to run more efficiently.