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Ceramic use in the cement industry

Cut your energy bills and downtime with our advanced refractories and industrial ceramics in the cement industry

Over the last 70 years we have built up extensive expertise, developing and procuring technical ceramics and refractories that resist corrosion and save energy. We also have a network of specialist manufacturers, who are keen to find new solutions to intractable problems.

We are bringing these contacts and knowledge to the cement industry, to help you in two areas: productivity and costs.

Cut your energy costs

We are also testing refractory materials that will improve insulation in your kiln and cut energy costs.  This new work is exciting. You will understand that we cannot reveal everything here. But if you work in cement, call us today. Let’s see how our deep knowledge of advanced refractories and industrial ceramics can help you cut costs and improve your bottom line.

Our CEO Dr John Verrier, takes energy prices very seriously on your behalf. That’s why we want to do something about them.

Cut your downtime

With the drive to use waste-based fuels, you face increased downtime caused by the contaminants in these fuels, sulphur and chlorine. Removing the residue they leave on the kiln lining is a skilled job.  You risk shutting down your furnace if the lining protecting the steel casing is damaged.  When you have contracts to fulfil, downtime is the last thing you need.

We are working with our manufacturing partners to develop a refractory solution that resists corrosion more effectively,  protecting the lining against those contaminants.