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Ceramics in chemical resistant materials applications

chemical resistant materials ceramics

Chemical resistant materials applications for ceramics often involve a thermal and/or mechanical element. Processing chemicals often involves high temperature. Pumping oil requires a mechanical resistance to ware.
Ceramics have proved to be extremely successful materials for handling solid, liquid and gaseous substances that have adverse effects on other materials.

Typical industries using ceramic products in chemical resistant materials applications include;-

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Water
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Scientific
  • Mining

Advantages of chemical resistant ceramics

  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Ability not to react or effect the chemicals
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Dimensional stability¬†
  • Wear resistant
  • High surface quality

It is important to consider that products are often subjected to other considerations other than just Chemical. For example crucibles used to process substances are subject to high temperature and need to resist ware.

We supply many parts for mechanical applications. Some are standard products used by many customers and others are bespoke products to meet specific requirements.

Typical ceramic products for chemical applications