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Industrial Heating

Anderman Industrial Ceramics specialises in the supply of ceramic and refractory products for all aspects of industrial heating including heat treatment furnaces and furnace temperature measurement. Our company was founded in 1947 to supply ceramics to the furnace construction industry. Our products are used throughout the industrial process heating market wherever heating, cooling or wear is involved. Industries served include automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical, cement and power.

The Industrial heating process is defined as thermal energy used directly in the preparation or treatment of materials to produce manufactured goods. The term heat treatment covers a variety of controlled processes that are used to alter a material’s physical and chemical properties. Heat treatment furnaces are used to achieve these processes, which involve extreme heating or cooling to achieve their desired reaction.

In today’s modern world, of escalating energy prices and increased productivity needs, the requirement for businesses to conserve and reduce energy costs is significant. Our company history and our commitment to work with customers to understand their industrial heating process has enabled us to become a key supplier of ceramics and refractories worldwide for heating applications. We work in all areas of heating including furnace design and construction, burner and heating systems, temperature measurement and control, vacuum furnace applications, induction heating furnaces and heat treatment/brazing.

Through our wide ranging and diverse manufacturing partners worldwide Anderman has become a key supplier to all sectors of the metal production industry. Our capacity runs from prototype parts to large scale production runs of many thousands of tons. Our varied range of ceramic and refractories are designed to operate in extreme conditions and temperatures, ranging from -100 C to 2200 C.

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