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High Temperature Measurement Ceramics

High temperature measurement ceramic and furnace temperature measurementTemperature is the most widely measured variable in the process industries, and it is often a critical factor in industrial processing. If a temperature measurement is not accurate or reliable, it can have a detrimental effect on process efficiency, energy consumption, and product quality. Anderman Industrial Ceramics operates in the market for high temperature measurement ceramic solutions in the range of 800°C (1,472°F) to 2200°C (3,992°F) through the supply of ceramic thermocouple protection as used in electrical and temperature insulation.

These applications are found in the metal processing, power, refining, chemical, cement and other industries. In this measurement range, the sensor type will usually be a thermocouple or pyrometer.

A pyrometer is device for measuring relatively high temperatures, such as are encountered in furnaces. Most pyrometers work by measuring radiation from the body whose temperature is to be measured and incorporate a ceramic temperature protection system for the sensors used.

Selecting the right type of ceramic thermocouple protection is a key step when designing a high-temperature measurement system.

Anderman Industrial Ceramics has over 75 years’ experience of supplying technical ceramic products for the temperature measurement industry. Our products include alumina, zirconia, mullite protection sheaths, ceramic insulators, fish spine beads and connector blocks.

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