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Ceramic ignition electrodes and igniter tubes (insulators)

Ceramic ignition electrodes and Igniter Tubes (Insulators)

We can provide ceramic ignition electrodes and both straight and custom shaped tubes for use as insulation on igniters. These tubes may be supplied with a surface glaze if required.

We are able to deliver a range from small sizes  (Similar to the types found on home appliances such as cooker tops) to large industrial scale.

Typically made by injection moulding or isostatic pressing we can supply in quantities from 20 pieces to many millions as required.

For industrial igniters and ceramic ignition electrodes we are also able to offer a range of standard and special styles fully assembled and ready to use.

  • High Quality Alumina ceramic
  • Steatite and mullite also available
  • Good and repeatable tolerances
  • Performance tested over many years


  • Low, medium and high volume production
  • Straight or shaped parts
  • Glazed if required
  • Some standard industrial sizes can be supplied as finished igniters

Standard materials:

Alumina (various grades), steatite

See materials menu above for detail