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Precast Refractory Shapes

Pre-cast refractory shapes

Anderman Industrial Ceramics supplies a wide range of high quality versatile precast refractory shapes and castables custom engineered and manufactured with high standards.  We provide engineered refractory solutions to the molten metals and minerals industries through a diversified range of precast and castable products.

We are able to also offer a superior re-inforced product technology whereby our precast alumina materials can be precast with the addition of stainless-steel fibres for increased strength and product durability. A number of precast refractory shapes and solutions for steel and iron ladles are available to improve safety, refractory life, ladle availability and yield.

For aluminium manufacture full or partial precast furnace liners can be offered along with specific shapes cast to our customer’s needs. Complete launder systems complement the product offering to enable molten metal transfer from furnace to point of use.

For copper melting and refining we are also able to provide refractory products that minimize refractory wear in the demanding high-quality environment of the Copper Industry.  Many factors such as the furnace type, atmospheric conditions, launder requirements and the process conditions are considered when determining the precast designs and refractory type for the industry’s applications.

For the cement industry we offer precast solutions for nose ring, cooler, inlet, cyclones and air chocs nozzles. Our solutions are utilised by many customers in this market to increase ceramic lifetime, reduce maintenance cycles and reduce energy costs in furnaces.

Our extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensures that shapes can be manufacturing to exacting dimensional control as well as a large range of sizes, from a few cm to many metres in size.

Anderman Industrial Ceramics specialise in all aspects of the supply of ceramic and refractory products for metals, chemical, cement and glass production. Our products are used throughout industrial production process chains wherever heat, wear or corrosion is involved


  • Precast shapes have favourable properties compared to cast-in-place.
  • Longer lasting than Cast-in-Place and steel castings.
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment.
  • Manufactured by specifically trained personnel.
  • Shapes are dried correctly and completely.
  • Shapes can be zoned based on needs.
  • Fast Installation.
  • Reduced dry-out time.
  • Easier repairs: Tear out a shape and re-install it in less time than cast-in-place or brick.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime.
  • Improved mechanical reliability.
  • Precast shapes range from very small to over 30,000 pounds.
  • In-house production of all materials for the casting process.


  • Steel melting and refining
  • Aluminium smelting
  • Copper refining
  • Cement and Chemical production