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Porous Fused Silica ES99P a solution for high melting temperatures

The need for increasing the working temperature and thermal loads in modern technical equipment calls for the use of materials with excellent thermal stability and high melting temperatures.

Anderman Ceramics porous fused silica ES99P material combines a very high maximum working temperature of 1680°C with an utmost thermal shock resistance. This combination is extremely beneficial in thermal applications above 1200°C, where we often get common ceramic materials offering one or the other but not both properties. ES99P fused silica material could be manufactured in various shapes including plates, crucibles and saggers. ES99P fused silica material belongs to the refractory “family” requiring a minimum wall thickness of 10mm for small parts and up to (around) 20 mm or more per meter for longer parts. Large parts can also be manufactured with dimensions around one cubic meter.

Although silica crystallisation occurs above 1050°C leading to a reduced thermal shock resistance in operation after several cold-cold cycles Anderman Ceramics ES99P fused silica material assures a long life service thanks to its coarse grains structure lowering and postponing crystallisation poor effects.

Main applications are silicon melting, platinum melting, metal melting, calcination of ceramic and rare earth powders, heat treatment of metallic powders and glass melting. All applications requiring a fast heating process (induction heating, gas heating, torch flame heating and fast tunnel furnace) where the contact of the product to be treated with the pure silica is sought can potentially use ES99P fused silica material.

Existing moulds for round or square crucibles and saggers avoid limited tooling charges. Parts are really competitive comparing with other expensive ceramics such as zirconium oxide used in platinum melting.

At Anderman Ceramics we’ll be pleased to receive and analyse your application making sure you can profit from our top quality ES99P fused silica material or otherwise recommending another ceramic solution.

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