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Investment Casting Pouring Cups

Investment casting pouring cupAs part of our extensive offering of ceramic products to the investment casting industry, Anderman Industrial ceramics is able to offer ceramic pouring cups used in the distribution of molten metals.

Ceramic pouring cups and filtering cups are made of high quality ceramic materials pressed then sintered at high temperature. Typically used to provide a mould intake for investment casting under demanding conditions.

Pour cups are suitable for casting a range of alloys such as ferrous, nickel aluminium and bronze based metals, and can be used for some superalloys as used in aerospace, IGT, automotive and medical industries.

Pouring cups can be conical, shoe or custom shapes and can have specific filter fitment positions. Most are pressed with outer grooves to provide better mechanical adhesion to the ceramic wax shell to which they are attached. They can also be fitted with lifting holes or supports to allow easier manual or automated handling of the mould both through the construction of the mould and through to removal of the finished casting.

Pour cup compositions are typically from various grades of Alumina / Silica composites but can also be high alumina or other materials if required.


  • High mechanical strength
  • High chemical purity of raw materials
  • Smooth working surface to reduce erosion
  • Precise tolerance control
  • Reduced mould inclusions
  • Significantly reduced wax consumption
  • Controlled metal flow into mould
  • Combine with ceramic filters
  • High thermal shock performance


  • Investment casting
  • Molten metal flow control
  • Singular and multiple hole hot to boxes for bar stock production