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Reducing furnace failure, kilns and temperature control

Increase your efficiency with the help of our sales team

We work with furnace manufacturers and end users – businesses that rely on their kilns to run smoothly.  Generally you come to us for two reasons:

  • you are tackling particular problems, such as breakages caused by thermal shock. But the industrial ceramic and refractory products you have used so far have not worked well. You face more downtime from furnace failure and you need better replacement parts fast. Tomorrow, if not today   
  • you want to improve an aspect of your furnace. You need advice on the most appropriate technical ceramic or refractory. Then you will increase your productivity. 

We will help with both. Over the last 70 years we have built up a global network of reliable and high quality partners. Because we are not tied to one manufacturer we can:

  • keep popular standard parts in stock so you get them immediately
  • procure other components you need quickly, in the quantities you want
  • explore new options for persistent problems that have been impossible to solve so far. Our technical advisers will help to pinpoint the cause, whether it’s linked to the working environment, atmosphere, mechanical stresses or installation and handling. Once we find the source, we can suggest solutions.

All our manufacturing partners have their own processing technologies, which deliver different properties to each ceramic or refractory they produce.  This gives you more choice and a better chance to solve the problems that undermine your productivity.   We can offer you ceramic and refractory solutions that:

  • withstand extreme temperatures and temperature changes
  • resist corrosion and contamination for longer
  • need reconditioning and replacing less frequently
reducing furnace failure

Products we keep in stock include:

  • furnace tubes: technical ceramic tubes in a variety of materials, including mullite, corundum zirconia, alumina.
  • thermocouple tubes: available in mullite and alumina, with popular metric and imperial sizes cut to length as needed.
  • rods: fine-grained ceramic rods in a variety of materials, machined to custom size.

These are just a small sample. See our full range of materials here and products here,  and contact one of our sales teams.

We care about service and we are proud to be on first-name terms with many of our customers. We have a reputation for thinking ahead on your behalf.  So you’ll get the refractories and technical ceramics you need in good time and maintain your productivity.

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We know how important it is to have the right parts to hand so you can get back up and running quickly.