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Ceramic Sampling Devices e.g. Assay Cups and Assay Crucibles

Sampling cups and devices, assay cups, assay cruciblesAnderman Industrial Ceramics offer offers a selection of products for molten metal sampling at temperatures above 900 C. These product are used worldwide in foundries, steel mills and research institutes. Our goal is to provide and design products that offer convenient, safe and quick sampling whilst minimising contamination through inclusions.

Products supplied include ladles, handled crucibles, test coupons, assay cups, assay crucibles, standard crucibles, scraper rods, sampling rings and sample cups with holder.

Together with our standard products we are able to offer competitive custom products to meet the exacting standards of our customers.

Our extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensures that shapes can be manufacturing to exacting dimensional control as well as a large range of sizes, from small bowls/crucibles up to ladles capable of handling many kg of molten metal sample.

We also offer dip cups that can produce the correct sized samples for metallurgical and mechanical testing straight from the sample cup.

Products are offered in high alumina, mullite, cordierite and fused silica as standard.


  • Large range of sizes can be manufactured
  • Multiple material choices
  • Exact dimensional tolerances
  • Non wetting to avoid metal contamination


  • Molten metal monitoring and testing
  • Assay control