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Anderman Group, two new directors appointed

The Anderman group continues to successfully grow its two business activities in the areas of industrial ceramics and electrical engineering. In order to underpin and support the growth, two key appointments have been made.

Gary Hateley is appointed to the role of Sales Director for the ceramics business effective Jan 11th. Gary joined the company in 2009 and has worked closely with Dr. John Verrier, Anderman Manager Director in recent years to establish a base from which the ceramics activity can achieve its ambitious growth strategy. Gary will take over management of the national and international sales teams.

Peter Dimmock has been appointment as Finance Director and he will assume responsibility for the financial management and control alongside contributing to the strategic growth and direction of the business. Peter’s role is crucial to Anderman’s continued success.

Peter joined the company in 2011 and has contributed considerably to its current success and stability in what have been challenging times for both the business and the global economy. Peter joins the Board of Directors with a clear vision of matching the group’s financial outlook to that of the ambitious sales growth targets that have been set..

We wish both Peter and Gary well in their new and challenging roles.