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Industrial Ceramics

Metal Processing Products (Industrial ceramics)

  • Produces defect free castings
  • Available in many shapes and sizes
  • High temperature resistence
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Custom solutions in refractory ceramics

Earthwaterfire together with our partners have an extensive history in producing and supplying industrial ceramics and refractory products to the super alloy and steel industries.

Properties of refractory (Indeed all industrial ceramics) products are achieved through a combination of material, method of manufacture and required shape. Together, the Anderman in house technical team and our extensive network of manufacturing partners are able to help design and specify the best combination to suit the application.

We are able to offer products in a wide variety of materials (See materials section opposite), manufactured by almost all processes including Casting, Isostatic pressing, Extrusion, Pressing, Injection moulding, Vacuum forming and others.

Examples of areas where we have helped customers reduce costs and optimise performance below represents only a proportion of the types of project we are involved with. If you have a requirement or a problem, we may be able to help.

Metal Melting

We supply a range of induction melting crucibles for specialist steel, superalloy and the precious metals industries.

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Metal Transfer

A range of light weight, highly insulating ladles and dip ladles. We are also able to offer specialist launder systems and transfer tubes.

Metal sampling

Special sample cups that dip directly into the melt and produce samples ready for testing.


standard Materials: Zirconia Toughened Alumina, Silicon Carbide)

See Materials menu above for detail

Reticulated foam filters in a range of materials suitable for all types of molten metal in a variety of pore sizes. Both standard and custom sizes are available. Mullite strainer cores are also available.

Industrial ceramic casting

For the investment casting industry we have a standard range of support rods and crucibles for super alloy manufacture.

We are also able to supply a wide range of other industrial ceramics including Alumina, mullite and fused silica materials such as Pouring cups, Cover plates and melt out plugs.

Hot topping powders are also available.


Custom designed atomising nozzles in Alumina and Zirconia.

Heat treatment productsHeat treatment - Product supports

Custom designed supports with properties to suit the application.



  • Stackable units to maximise use of furnace height.
  • Low thermal Mass for improved heat-up and cool-down rates.
  • Complex shapes for better product support or separating multiple parts.
  • High precision shaped supports to prevent distortion of accurate components.
  • Non-reactive to prevent contamination of the parts under process.
  • Optimised capacity without risk of movement or contact.

Heat treatment – Furnace repair and maintenance

We carry a standard range of element support and furnace tubes. Muffles are available to order. Fixing components, hangers and lead out tubes can also be manufactured.