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Alumina and zirconia crucibles

Zirconia and Alumina CrucibleS (and other ceramic materials)

  • competitive prices
  • High quality materials for hightech use
  • Low cost materials for industrial use
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We stock high purity alumina crucibles and zirconia crucibles and other laboratory ware including various ceramic crucibles, ignition dishes, boats and lids. We can produce custom sizes and other standard ceramic materials on request. (zirconia, zircon, mullite, rare earths like yttria and hafnia, quartz, fused silica, porcelain)

We provide refractory porous crucibles for superalloys and other metals melting, precious and semi-precious melting, glass melting, etc.

Our standard range includes isostatically pressed or rammed Zirconia crucibles and a range of speciality high alumina refractory grade crucibles with high performance characteristics.

Our wide range of ceramic materials both standard and non-standard will meet your application requirements. Please discuss with us what it is you need.

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Get information on refractory crucibles.


CrucibleS for Leco Equipment

Leco CrucibleMore information on Leco Equipment crucibles

Labware parts

standard Materials: 99.7-99.8% Alumina(EA998), 99.5% Alumina (EA995)

Other Possible Materials: 99.9% Alumina (EA999), 95% Alumina (EA95), Yttria

See Materials menu above for detail

Refractory crucible options

standard Materials: Zirconia (EZY 94 – Porous), Range of Alumina products (Ask for details)

See Materials menu above for detail


  • High quality materials and processes
  • High temperature resistance
  • Very good thermal shock properties
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • High dimensional tolerances